Come ROLL with us!

Boasting the best bowling lanes in Bay County and the only bowling family fun center on the beach! Rock’it Lanes is 50,000 sq.ft. chock-full of entertainment and all the bowling essentials you need, whether you want to work on your game or just sit back and enjoy the action!

  • 24 Qubica AMF Synthetic MAD Lanes with entertaining, glow-in-the-dark bowling fun for everyone
  • Advanced Computerized Flat Screen Scoring makes it simple for even the most mathematically challenged
  • Competitive gaming formats to delight new and old bowlers alike
  • Custom Qubica AMF Harmony Leather Seating with arrangements to accommodate all group sizes
  • 4 large screen TVs spread across the lanes featuring current sporting events and rockin’ music videos

Bowling Pricing

per person, per game
until 10pm
per person, per game
after 10pm
shoe rental
all day

Gutter done!

There is no need for a little one to be bummed if they cannot hit the pins because their ball always falls in the gutters; it happens to many of us! Gutterballs, strikes, spares, who cares?!

We’re all about the fun…for EVERYONE. 

  • Automatic Pneumatic Bumpers that can easily raise for the younger children and Grandparents then lower for the next bowler as needed
  • Handicap accessible Rock’it Launchers (ball ramps) can be used while standing or sitting for those who may need them

Monday Night Mania

Case of the Mondays? Nah. We’ve got the cure to start the week out right with Monday Mania, 9 pm – close!

Monday Mania
$4 Bowling
$4 Shoe Rental
2-4-1 Well Drinks
Team Bowling Tournaments

On Mondays, it gets a little crazy, but no worries – – – what happens at the bowling alley, stays at the bowling alley.

Ballistic bowling!

When the sun goes down, this is how we ROLL! A Laser Light Show choreographed to music, fog, black lights, and iridescent balls and pins that glow in the dark, every night after 10 pm and with our birthday packages. It’s truly a “WOW” experience.

Ballistic bowling applies the same rules as regular ten-pin bowling with a regulation bowling ball and standard bowling lanes – but with a party twist. Turn off the lights and turn on the black-lights and lasers to play in a glow-in-the-dark atmosphere.