Everyone’s Favorite

Family Fun Center

Mega Arcade

Game on! Load up your credits, grab the controls, and have a blast!


Knockin’ pins down at the beach is unlike any other bowling experience!

Roller Skating

It’s not how you bowl, it’s how you ROLL! Still got it. Skate on!

Sports Bar

Nonstop fun and excitement! Touted best place on the beach to Eat. Drink. Roll.

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Rock’it Lanes is the Beaches’ favorite upscale Sports Bar boasting good eats, cold brews, and endless memories! 🎳🍻

Our roller skating rink will be CLOSED for facility improvements this Monday, May 23rd, and Tuesday, May 24th. No skating, but we will be open! So come rack up points in our adrenaline-fueled arcade, and enjoy bowling and brews! 

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Sunday Strikes! 🎳🤩

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All of our Mega Arcade games are 1/2 price every TUESDAY!! 🎳🤩

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Saturday Night Lights 🎳🤩

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Monday Mania at Rockit Lanes! 🎳🎟

Get your game on with some of the newest games on the market, including Hyper Shoot, Mega Stacker, Space Invader, and the Worlds’ Largest Pac Man Game. 🎟🎟🎟

How do you like to spend your Sunday afternoon away from the sun? ☀️ 🎳
We like to think that we have a game for everyone! What’s your favorite game to play at the Mega Arcade? 🎟🤩

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